Réalt Beag

Childcare and Early Learning Centre

At Réalt Beag Child and Family Centre we provide high quality affordable childcare and family support which is so important for the parents and guardians wishing to participate in rehabilitation programmes. We conduct a child centred approach to early learning through the High Scope curriculum which encourages children to construct their own learning by doing and being involved in working with materials, people and ideas. This identifies and builds on children’s strengths.
Our service operates 49 weeks a year. We have a full time service and we care for children aged 3 months to 5 years old. We encourage healthy eating and the children enjoy a range of home cooked meals every day which includes breakfast, dinner and afternoon snack.
We work alongside parents to ensure their children are provided with the care and attention they need including: speech therapy, play therapy and psychology. These are provided by health care professionals who come in to work with the children as needed.

Contact details:

Ph: 01-6236203

Email: childcare@ballyfermotstar.ie